Antimony Metal and Antimony Oxide

ANTIMONY METAL: a silvery-white element belonging to Group VA of the periodic table, atomic number 51, atomic weight 121.76, density 6.73, melting point 630 degrees centigrade, boiling point 1380 degrees centigrade.

ANTIMONY OXIDE: “Antimony Oxides”, are antimony trioxides, (Sb2O3), and are fine white odorless powders. Antimony trioxide has two crystalline forms, either senarmontite which is cubic, or valentinite which is orthorhombic. Antimony trioxide (Sb2O3) has a molecular weight of 291.52, a melting point of 656° C, a boiling point of 1,425° C, and a refractive index of 2.087. Montana Brand antimony oxides are formed exclusively by the sublimation of antimony metal under extremely rigid furnace conditions. The physical and chemical properties are remarkably consistent due to a comprehensive quality control program. Sb2O3is practically insoluble in water (approximately 0.001 grams/100ml of H2O at 25° C.) It is soluble in HCl to form antimony tri-chloride, SbCl3; in HNO3 to form SbONO3; in H2SO4 to form SbOhSO4; in NaOH to form NaSbO3; and in KOH to form KSbO3.