U. S. Antimony Announces Rail Service for Zeolite Delivery and Testing of Gold and Silver Leach Plant


  1. Concerns over climate change and environmental remediation have escalated worldwide. BRZ is a low-cost natural material which can remediate a wide variety of problems including water and air pollution, soil contamination, nuclear remediation, landfill issues, HAZMAT sites, heavy metal contamination, odors from CAFOs (concentrated animal feed operations), petroleum spills, sewage treatment, composting, and slaughter house and rendering plant contamination and odors.
  2. BRZ plans to provide delivery of large quantities of bulk BRZ by rail to reduce transportation, packaging, and labor costs by up to $100.00 per ton and to make BRZ significantly more viable for remediation projects.
  3. Systematic test work of the Puerto Blanco mill is underway to start the leach plant in order to enhance recoveries of gold and silver from the Los Juarez mine. The mill has been on care and maintenance for four years.
  4. The price of antimony metal is gradually recovering.

Thompson Falls, Montana. United States Antimony Corporation (“USAC”, NYSE American “UAMY”) announces plans to provide rail delivery of bulk Bear River Zeolite (BRZ) zeolite to reduce transportation, packaging, and labor costs by up to $100.00 per ton. BRZ has vigorously pursued nearly all potential markets for the last nineteen years to become consistently profitable. BRZ has an advantage over other domestic and foreign zeolites in terms of purity, hardness, color, low-sodium, high exchange rates for cations such as ammonium, radioactive nuclides, and most heavy metals, and its ability to hold up to 55% of its weight in water. Reducing costs by up to $100.00 per ton will open major markets and increase sales without hindering profitability.

At the present time, the United States and most countries around the world have become very conscious about climate change and the long-term impact on the environment. Zeolites have the ability to solve many of the problems associated with man-made climate deterioration. Synthetic zeolites have been engineered for specific applications but are highly expensive. BRZ is a natural zeolite that is not expensive. In order to take advantage of this new trend and to break into a much larger market, BRZ will offer the best product at economical prices.

Systematic testing of the gold, silver, and antimony mill at Puerto Blanco for the Los Juarez mine is underway. The mill has been on care and maintenance for four years. Ball mill liners, water systems, and new equipment have been installed. Completion of the laboratory is imminent which will allow the startup of the leach to enhance gold and silver recovery.

Estimated sales during October 2019 are as follows:

ItemOctober 2019
Antimony pounds131,934
BRZ zeolite tons1,133

The average Rotterdam price for antimony metal during October 2019 was $6,190 per metric ton or $2.80 per pound. The price of antimony is now starting a slow upward trend. Steps to lower the costs of antimony production have included lowering the mining costs in Mexico, renegotiating North American contracts, and plant improvements

CEO John Lawrence said “The recent worldwide concerns over climate change and environmental remediation pose an excellent target for increasing sales and profitability of BRZ. Installing equipment to provide rail delivery will allow BRZ to provide one of the highest quality zeolites in large quantities at the lowest price.”