U. S. Antimony Has Started Production at Los Juarez Gold and Silver Plant

Thompson Falls, Montana. United States Antimony Corporation (“USAC”, NYSE American “UAMY) reported that pilot phase production of the Mexican Los Juarez gold, silver, and antimony deposit through the cyanide leach plant has commenced.

Following is the progress:

1. The crushing circuit and flotation mill have been run and are in good operating condition.

2. The transfer of the flotation tailings to the cyanide leach plant has been successful.

3. The primary conditioning tank in the leach plant has been replaced with direct piping to the leach tanks to cut costs and expedite leaches.

4. Fire laboratory equipment, an atomic adsorption spectrophotometer, ventilation fans, a silicon carbide tilt and pour furnace for reducing production to dore bars has been installed, baghouse and other equipment has been installed and is operational.

Photo of the Puerto Blanco laboratory
Puerto Blanco laboratory

5. Four technicians have been trained to assay and adjust operating parameters.

A woman working at an atomic adsorption spectrophotometer
Atomic adsorption spectrophotometer
Technicians being trained to use some equipment
John “Gus” Gustavsen training technicians
Cupels being put into a machine to charge
Charging cupels for assay of silver and gold

6. Two production leaches have been run, and we are awaiting third party assays for disclosure.

Photo of a leach tank
Leach tank with cyanide to dissolve silver and gold in progress

Estimated sales during January 20 are as follows:

ProductJanuary 2020
Antimony pounds122,676
BRZ zeolite tons734

The average Rotterdam price for antimony metal during December 2019 was $5,845.83 per metric ton or $2.65 per pound. A major BRZ zeolite customer that has not purchased for several months is now buying product again after building a new plant. Seasonal sales of BRZ zeolite for pool and spa applications are picking up.

CEO John Lawrence said “The beginning of gold and silver production for USAC is excellent at a time when most non-ferrous metal prices are challenged. The cash flow from the precious metals will supplement the BRZ zeolite and antimony production.”